Central Conveying System

Central Conveying System

Central Conveying System( Customize For the Customer)

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Product Description

GCC5 central control station using German SIEMENS PLC control,

through the program to concentrate dust control systems. conveyor

feeding, and alarm system. Powerful and perfect. Highly scalable

systems, supports up to 36 hosts conveyor feed, easy maintenance,

Electricity failure  rate,  saving  maintenance  costs.Comply  with

European safety standards,  operational and safe. Touch screen

control interface, easy to operate understand.



Through the center station control panel for the entire feeding

system monitoring;

LCD touch screen easy to control far all sites;

Installed with SIEMENS PLC coniorller,high reliability system;

European safety sockets ,safety and reliability;

Optimized suspension design balance and stability;

Equipped with alarm system

Central Conveying System

Central Conveying System

Central Conveying System

The Central feeding system, central vacuum station provide material

handling  require  vacuum(negative  pressure) power,using  high

pressure blower or roots blower, durable & with high power. long life to

ensure contiunity feeding convey or operating.ln addition, the system

offer maximum power of 15i-IP and other i0 different power to meet

different system applications. The blower operated initate by central

control station with Euro type vacuum hopper, central filters and other

device with the application to achieve the purpose of automated

material handling.






European design, elegant appearance. stable performance;

Open type design, easy installation& maintenance;

Safety value design with blower overload protection;

optimized suspension design, eleminaie vibration of the blower,

protect damage of blower&long fife;

Blower models are able to configured according to customers


Euromap Socket&Plug, safe&reliable.

Central Conveying System

Central Conveying System

Central Conveying System

The central filter is using large filtration system to filter fine dust&

impurities, effectively protect Mower life time, come with automatic

dust blowing&timing control function. Protection effective&improve

the material conveying speed.



European style design, compact&easy tc operate;

Build in filtration system, effectively filler fine dust

Equipped wish high pressure air tank, able to connect with high

compress auto provide high pressure to remove large fine dusts;

The dust cyclone&main structure are connected with handle for

easy cleaning

The filter system are able to keep away from the production floor to

keep the production floor clean&dust free;

The filtration tank&cyclone are stainless steel construction;

Equipped with high pressure filter regulator

optimized suspension design, stability&balance;

Come with Euromap socket & plug, safety&reliable.

Central Conveying System

Central Conveying System

Central Conveying System

The material distribution station is used far distributing raw material to

different  stroage  hopper,  there're  5  different  models  available,

installed  with  quick  connector,  easy  to  handle,  stainless  steel

construction. On/Off are able to control by vacuum control station for

the need of material conveying.



Flexible design;

Strong&durable with long life;

Installed with quick connectors:

High effective performance,

Able to distribute material to different device

Convenient for material change;

Stainless steel construction.

Central Conveying System

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