1.Vacuum Break Valve

Installed the pneumatic break valve & filter on the material pipe

dust collector used for blower protection&increase the material


2.Pneumatic Shut一Off Vale




pneumatic shut-off valve on

flow in to the pipe, to ensure

the material piping before dryed

each conveying of material do not

have any left over material to avoid moisture.

3.Stainless Steel Material Storage Tank


The material tank are made of stainless steel, internal polishing

fixed with strong support frame, strong&durable, come with 38 mm

tube suction box.



Able to install material level sensor to conrol the material level, easy to


4.Other Parts

5. Recying Device

The excess hot air discharged from the hot air recycling hopper dryer

saving the electrical heating elements consumption.

6.Dust Collector

Install on the hopper to remove fine dust keep clean of enviroment

7.Magnetic Separators

Place in the botom of the tank to dectect metal in the material there're

difference shade&models to select.

8.Suction Box

install  at  the  bottom  of  the  support  frame  far  convenient  material


9.Support Frame

Custo make are available

10. optional Accessories

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