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The main difference between the air-cooled chiller with water-cooled chiller

First, to clarify chiller which is divided into several categories: general manufacturers will produce water-cooled and air-cooled chiller two kinds.
Air-cooled chiller, contains within its body holding tanks and pump eliminates the need for additional cooling tower to dissipate heat. Install and very easy to move, but it requires a high working environment, first of all, because it is based on hot air circulation to refrigeration, so if the installation workshop ventilation is not good, it will directly affect the chiller cooling effect. in addition, if you want to have a clean room on the chiller and humidity requirements in, then I advise you to refit water-cooled because of air-cooled chiller, water vapor in the top discharge to heat.
Water-cooled chiller, can be divided into open and sealed (some called a box) and screw. First of all to affirm that water-cooled chillers, cooling towers and have to install additional pumps to extract water cooling. In order to achieve a good cooling effect.
Open chiller, but also additionally equipped with a water tank, sealed do not have to, because he built a water tank itself. Open usually installed somewhere outside the shop to facilitate his maintenance, but because the beautiful is not enough, so we It produced a sealed water-cooled chiller, because it is a box structure, it is more popular. But if you require a very large cooling capacity, it should be used and screw-type chiller, and this time we usually call chiller.
Air-cooled chiller can be used on small systems, large units mostly water-cooled. Water-cooled initial investment on the host, it is a little less than air-cooled, but coupled with the cooling tower and the room \ electronic water meter, but also not less where to go! Say it for many years running, the water-cooled refrigeration unit relative efficiency drops, air will not. Air-cooled chiller using air cooling, eliminating the need for cooling water systems essential cooling towers, cooling water pump and piping systems to avoid water quality too poor regions cause the condenser fouling, clogging water pipes, but also saves water, It is the cold air-conditioning products, maintenance and the most economical, simple models. Air-cooled chiller time investment to be slightly higher than the water-cooled chiller, but annual operating costs lower than the water-cooled chillers, computer room construction costs in a variety of cold and heat source system for minimal maintenance costs about cooling type boiler or half the cost. Noise and the volume of water-cooled air-cooled chiller than large, it can only be installed outdoors. Most chillers installed in the basement.
These are the main differences between air-cooled chiller and a water-cooled chiller
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