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Dehumidifying dryer maintenance

Dehumidifier dryer repair work to be accurate, reliable and timely, must be the type of injection molding machine dehumidifying dryer in the use of manual content to study and master, general dehumidifier dryer maintenance process, the maintenance of ideas is usually circuit - oil - The movement of mechanical parts.
The adjustment work is reversed, such as dehumidifying dryer operation and clamping pressure in addition to the problem, can find the oil circuit and the circuit, if the circuit output is normal, then adjust the oil valve. If the oil circuit works normally, adjust the circuit board. Of course, the final adjustment, but the three relationships depend on each other and control each other. The correct use of instrumentation, calibration of the inspection circuit, inspection of the oil circuit, and adjustment of the position and movement of the mechanical part is an important means of determining faults. General injection molding machine manufacturers only give the electrical block diagram of the equipment, the block diagram of the oil circuit and the main part of the machine, which is not enough for the dehumidifying dryer repair work.
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