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Development trend of China's manufacturing industry

   The accelerated integration of the Internet and manufacturing has changed the manufacturing methods, organizational structure, and innovation model of the manufacturing industry, triggered the upsurge of industrial Internet, intelligent manufacturing, and “factory-free manufacturing”, and promoted the traditional manufacturing industry to accelerate quality improvement and efficiency, and further transformation. upgrade.
    “There is still a lot of room for the integration of the Internet and the manufacturing industry. Currently, most of the Internet applications are in the marketing, after-sales service and procurement sectors. After the manufacturing process, as well as between enterprises and enterprises, the Internet industry will bring about the existing manufacturing industry. Subversive changes,” said Miao Wei, minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.
At present, most of the Internet applications are in marketing, after-sales service, and procurement. If they can be applied in the manufacturing process and between enterprises and enterprises, they will bring disruptive changes to the existing manufacturing industry. China, a major Internet country, is currently portraying a world-famous legend in the current wave of strong integration of the Internet and manufacturing.
As Miao Tao said, the Internet has changed the way of industrial production, resulting in a lot of new services, new business models and new models. China's manufacturing transformation and upgrading must seize the opportunities for integration of the Internet and manufacturing, and its entry point and main attack direction is precisely the smart manufacture.
    Obviously, smart manufacturing is not simply a simple addition of the Internet and manufacturing, but the effect of the “multiplication” method should be used to allow the deep integration of new Internet technologies such as big data, cloud computing, the Internet of Things, and the mobile Internet with the manufacturing industry to optimize the manufacturing industry. The production methods, investment methods, management methods, and business models have made the traditional manufacturing industry rejuvenate. The Internet can effectively shorten the space-time distance of information interaction. Its powerful interactivity is the core of Internet thinking, and it promotes manufacturing from production to service.
What are the advantages of smart manufacturing that incorporates the Internet? In this regard, Luo Wen, Dean of the China Electronic Information Industry Development Institute, has a profound understanding: the industrial information system realizes interconnection and integration through the Internet, and promotes real-time information exchange between machine operations, workshop distribution, enterprise production, and market demands. The entire production process such as raw material supply, parts production, and product integration and assembly becomes more precise and synergistic. The industrial cloud platform has become a new type of production facility. It provides resource support and service guarantee for production and business activities such as R&D, design, manufacturing, and operation and management, and industrial production factors are optimized for integration and efficient configuration. The application of industrial big data will run through the entire process of design, manufacture, marketing, and service, and become the support for production support decision-making. It will also become an important production factor for production.
Under the background of the outward shift of low-end manufacturing, the traditional manufacturing model centered on the enterprise has not adapted to the market trend, and companies and users have started to integrate more closely. Many manufacturing companies have stated that, unlike large-scale production in the past, private customization has become a new profit growth point, and individual products can be customized from a single product to an overall solution. The service-oriented model brought by "Internet +" has become a powerful means for enterprises to enhance their competitiveness and increase their added value.
“Compared to developed and manufacturing countries, China’s manufacturing base is indeed relatively weak, but Internet applications and innovation have more advantages. Using the multi-level and large-scale characteristics of the Chinese market, accelerating the application of Internet technology will effectively transform and upgrade traditional manufacturing industries. "Gong Xiaofeng, director of the International Economic and Technical Cooperation Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said.
However, the core competitiveness of manufacturing is still the product itself. The Internet is not a panacea. It can amplify excellent manufacturing capabilities, but it can also make the uncompetitive manufacturing companies die out faster. To reshape the advantages of Chinese manufacturing, in addition to embracing the Internet in an all-round way, we must also work hard on manufacturing capabilities.
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