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Industrial chiller---Various Applications


RHONG Industrial Chiller are the perfect solution for any application, in particular for the plastic field, such as: injection molding, extrusion (sheet & profile), blow molding, thermoforming, PET, plastic film, and other industrial field : electroplating (surface treatment), medicine, chemical, hydraulic system, leaser, shoe-making, electronic, print, etc

Water chiller is widly used in various industries:
1, Plastic: strictly control plastic products' moulding temperature; shorten hours of injection moulding cycle; ensure plastic's stable quality.
2, Electronic: stabilize the molecular structure of electronics in producing line; improve products's acceptability by temperature controlling.
3, Ultrasonic cleaning: Cooling condition helps to avoid expensive cleaner evaporation and evaporation harm to human body efficiently.
4, Electroplating: Plating's density and surface would be formed very well, shorten hours of electroplating cycle efficiently to improve plating quality by lowing down high temperature of electroplating liquid.
5, Machinery: Maintaining the temperature, pressure of oil system; prolong oil using life; increasing mechanical lubrication efficiency;reducing mechanical wear.
6, Construction: Enhancing the hardness and toughness of concrete by cooling its coagulation.
7, Vacuum coating: Keeping the vaccum coating machine under a certain low temperature.
8, Food: Used in food high speed cooling before packaging; controlling fermented food temperature.
9, Medical: Mainly used in controlling fermented medicine temperature.
10,Research laboratory: cleaning lab liquid; avoiding blockage of pipelines; preventing microbe growth.

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