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Industrial Chiller troubleshooting

According to different customers, some Industrial Chiller is used in heat exchanger. It is a kind of corrugated plate heat exchanger surface for efficient and compact heat exchanger, has been widely used in refrigeration equipment in cold water. Plate type heat exchanger has the advantages of simple structure, easy handling and installation, can be cleaned on a regular basis or change plates, flexibly adjust the heat exchange.

For machine, industrial cold water plate heat exchanger is composed of a plurality of sheets, adjacent plate ripple in the opposite direction, liquid between plate along the narrow and curved channel flow, speed and direction of the continuous mutation, strong vibration, thus greatly strengthens the heat transfer effect. Industrial chiller with heat exchanger is divided into two types, one is the bolt fastening type, one is sintered. Bolt fastening type bearing capacity of up to 2 ~ 2.5MPa; sintering for heat exchanger with 99.9% pure copper integral vacuum welding and, bearing pressure can reach 3Mpa.

As the heat exchanger used in industrial refrigeration chiller used to a heat exchanger, it has the following 6 advantages:

1, small size, compact structure, the same ratio of shell and tube heat transfer area of the heat exchanger has the advantages of small size 60%;

2, the total heat transfer coefficient is high, about 2000 ~ 3000W/ (M2 - K);

3, the plate heat exchanger flow velocity of small, small resistance loss;

4, able to adapt to the small temperature difference between the heat transfer fluid, can reduce the condensing temperature, improve the performance of industrial chiller refrigeration compressor.

5, the refrigerant charge less;

6, light weight, low heat loss;

The plate heat exchanger is made of metal sheet stamping, generally use copper or stainless steel plate. With a regular shape of corrugated groove plate and plate assembled for the group, in each of two adjacent plate edge with nitrile rubber seal gasket, formation fluid channel. Therefore, heat exchanger is industrial chillers use more, is also a kind of fast and efficient heat transfer equipment.
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