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Working Principle and Technical Performance of Vertical Mixer

The vertical mixer comprises a motor, a stirring cylinder, a drive shaft and a stirring blade, wherein a reverse stirring blade is also loosely mounted on the drive shaft, and the sleeve of the reverse stirring blade passes through the chain and the shaft The sprockets at the upper end of the intermediate shaft are connected with the driven gears coaxial with the sprocket and engage the driving gear fixed at the lower end of the drive shaft. The two stirring blades of the utility model are reversely rotated so that the raw material can form a convection between the two stirring blades during the stirring process, thereby completely solving the problem that the conventional mixer does not mix with the raw material.
The design of the vertical mixer with automatic operation time, overload protection, feeding limit alarm and other functions; and a small footprint, large capacity, low power consumption, provincial labor, easy handling, mixing fast and so on. Can be widely used: plastic sheet, crushed material, plastic particles, plastic and new materials and add color masterbatch and other uniform use. (Easy to clean), stirring speed, to ensure that the consistency of each batch of materials; (mixed evenly), easy to clean, easy to operate; (vertical design), stainless steel, easy to clean not rust; ), With a small investment ineffective, small footprint of labor, high efficiency advantages; (cost savings).
working principle
After forming the "water polo" by the belt conveyor to the top of the furnace, the fabric device evenly distributed to the roof of the full section. The briquette is heat exchanged with the strong wind while it is slowly moving down on its orbit. The moisture from the briquette is taken away by the strong wind. Briquette by two hours or so of the evaporation process to achieve full drying. Economic characteristics: Compared with today's common back-type drying furnace, the investment reduced by 1/2; covers an area of its 1 / 5-1 / 3; energy consumption and operating costs significantly reduced. Features: This product is a good match, easy to connect with other devices in the production line and to achieve automation. The equipment is easy to operate and easy to maintain. Drying furnace body without mechanical moving parts, daily without maintenance. Continuous operation, high efficiency, large output. To a large-scale fertilizer plant to use, dry coal rods, and achieved good results: into the gas furnace coal bars, water down to about 3%, significantly increased gas production; substantial savings in manpower, reduce labor intensity; save the site, The output.
Technical performance
The key technology of efficient dynamic vertical drying equipment is to make the material in the vertical drying equipment as possible to disperse, to improve the hot smoke and material contact area, while controlling the material flow in the dryer area and residence time, so that hot smoke Gas and material full convection, radiation, conduction heat transfer.
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