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Benefits of using a dehumidifying dryer

The use of a dehumidifying dryer has the following benefits:

1. Prevent the generation of defective products and return losses, and reduce the generation of waste.

2. For the dehumidifying dryer, the dehumidifying work is performed by using very dry air, so that the drying time can be shortened and the man-hour can be saved.

3. The moisture in the plastic raw material can be taken away to eliminate the generation of bubbles, so that the product achieves the desired mechanical, electrical, dimensional stability and appearance.

4. The air line of the dehumidifying dryer adopts a closed circulation system and is equipped with a filter, so it is not affected by the external weather, and can prevent dust from causing pollution in the factory and improve the working environment.

A good drying efficiency determinant is: drying temperature, drying time, air volume, and dew point. These four factors are interlocking, and any change in conditions will affect the drying effect.
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