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Normal shutdown procedure for water mold temperature machine

(1) When the water temperature machine is opened above 100 °C, the temperature must be lowered to below 60 °C, and then the power is turned off. Otherwise, the heater is easily burned out.
(2) For long time stop, please turn off the power plug and discharge the circulating water in the system.

Regularly change the circulating water of the water tower every month to ensure that the water source is clean and the water quality should be softened; regularly add anti-rust agent and algaecide.
Clean the filter and level switch of the water temperature machine regularly every month.
Clean the solenoid valve one month.
Clean the heater for three months.
The unused inlet and outlet of the water mold temperature machine is connected with a Teflon tube to prevent the water heater from being burnt out and inadvertently touching the valve to burn people.
Always check if the Teflon tube and fittings are intact. Replaced in one year.
Replace the heat medium oil in one year. Make sure the model of the heat medium oil is the same.
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