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Why is the water mold temperature machine often bad?

The cause of the heater is broken: one is the quality of the heater itself, and the other is the dry burning of the heater. If the water heater is dry, it is useless.

Why is there a dry burning phenomenon: when the machine is turned on, when the motor and the heater are turned on at the same time, the heater will start working immediately: heating and heating up, since the motor has just started the water and has not yet entered the machine, the heater has no water and thus causes the direct drying. Burning, working for a long time, shortens the service life of the heater, making the heater often easy to break.

Although the board has two buttons, which are the motor start button and the heater start button, this requires the operator to start the motor button first, wait for the water to be fully replenished, and then operate the heater button, which prevents the heater from drying. However, since this operation needs to be done by humans, and the operation is not user-friendly, it needs to wait for a while to process. Many operators often open two buttons at the same time for convenience, so that the intention of the manufacturer is not achieved, and thus Can protect the heater.
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