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Welding technology sharing of mold cleaning machine

1. Welding: When ultrasonic vibration is transmitted, a large amount of energy can be transmitted. As the ultrasonic wave is transmitted to the welding head to the weldment, there will be a relatively large sound when the contact welding is performed. The ultrasonic energy is relatively large, so The local high temperature is generated, and the two original parts are directly melted. When the pressure reaches a certain level, the two welded places are quickly melted and integrated to achieve a perfect combination.

2, buried (plug) method: screws or other straight metal objects can be directly inserted into the plastic co-construction. The first thing that ultrasonic waves propagate is metal. As the metal acts as a medium, the plastic mold is directly transmitted. The plastic is directly melted by heat, and the plastic is solidified to complete the melting operation.

3, riveting method: If the metal or plastic or two different plastic film directly or indirectly, you can use the ultrasonic riveting method, the characteristics of this method is that the opinion is not easy to catalyze, beautiful, durable.

4, the mold point connection method: using our small welding head will be welded two objects, that is, the two need to weld plastic parts, and achieve a good welding effect.

5, mold molding: the use of ultrasonic to quickly weld the plastic we want to weld, it is necessary to quickly become high temperature plastic or plastic materials.

6. Mold removal method: Using the welding head and its unique design concept method, when the plastic workpiece is slowly pulled out, we can directly press the welding head directly to the interface of the material, and the ultrasonic wave is transmitted to the interface through the welding head. Direct removal of the part that needs to be removed has an ideal effect.
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