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National Energy Group participated in the 2018 Chinaplas

 The exhibition was hosted by the National Energy Group, and the coal-to-liquids sales company and the Shenning Coal Industry Group sales company jointly organized.

The booth highlighted the grand goal of “building a world-class energy group with global competitiveness”. The overall design atmosphere is stable, using coal-based oil sanding trays, display panels, videos, exhibits and other forms, highlighting the general secretary Xi Jinping’s inspection of the group company. The scene and the great call of "socialism is done" fully demonstrates the restructuring and integration of the group company, business development, "one overall goal, one fundamental political principle, six core concepts, nine strategies for managing enterprises", etc. The content shows the strong energy strength of the National Energy Group and a new corporate image.

The theme of this year's Chinaplas is “Intelligent Manufacturing, High-tech Materials, and Environmental Protection Technology”. The total exhibition area is 300,000 square meters, involving more than 160 countries and regions for a period of four days.
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