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Control system and type of mold temperature machine

The controller adjusts the temperature of the hot fluid to adjust the temperature of the mold based on the temperature of the hot fluid measured by the temperature sensor.

The mold temperature machine is a water mold temperature machine, a pressurized water mold temperature machine or an oil mold temperature machine depending on the type of heat transfer medium used. The type of mold temperature machine is divided according to the heat transfer fluid used. The water-use mold temperature machine usually has a maximum outlet temperature of 95 °C. Use oil-operated mold temperature machine for working temperature ≥150 °C. Usually, the mold temperature machine with open water tank heating is suitable for water temperature or oil temperature machine, and the maximum outlet temperature is 90 ° C to 150 ° C. The main feature of this mold temperature machine is simple design and economical price.

On the basis of this machine, a high-temperature water temperature machine is used, which allows an outlet temperature of 160 ° C or higher. Since the temperature is higher than 90 ° C, the thermal conductivity of water is higher than that of the same temperature. A lot better, so this machine has outstanding high temperature working ability. In addition to the second, there is a forced flow mold temperature machine. For safety reasons, this mold temperature machine is designed to operate at a temperature above 150 ° C, using heat transfer oil. In order to prevent overheating of the oil in the mold warmer heater, the machine uses a forced flow pumping system, and the heater consists of a number of tubes stacked with finned heating elements for diversion.
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