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Use dehumidifying dryer to avoid unqualified products

 When the plastic is taken out from the moisture-proof sealed bag and exposed to the atmosphere, it will start to absorb moisture from the atmosphere, if it is a conventional hot-air drum dryer, because The outside air with moisture is used to dry the plastic, so it is impossible to prevent the plastic from continuing to absorb moisture. With the extensive use of engineering plastics, dehumidifying dryers have gradually replaced traditional hot air dryers.

The dehumidifying dryer is mainly used to dry plastics with strong hygroscopicity. The dehumidifying dryer will be dehumidified and low dew point air and sent to one or more standard drying hoppers to improve drying efficiency and shorten drying time. The dehumidifying dryer series is mainly developed for the design of high-efficiency dehumidification operations for engineering plastics with high moisture absorption. Using a honeycomb fiber-based honeycomb rotor that represents the highest technological achievements of today, as a core component, the dry air provided can easily reach a dew point of -40 ° C, ideally -50 ° C or even lower. Dew point, and dew point temperature stability, to ensure the quality and stability of molded plastic products. The whole series uses Japanese P.LD. temperature control system as standard equipment; also provides PLC control with LCD touch human-machine interface and can monitor machine dehumidification at any time The effect of the dew point meter is optional, the maximum dry air volume of the product can reach 3000m3 / hr.

Benefits of using a dehumidifying dryer:

1. Drying by dehumidifying dryer can quickly remove the moisture in the raw materials to avoid the generation of bubbles, ensure that the products meet various production indexes, and the molding quality is high.

2, the use of dehumidification dryer can avoid the occurrence of substandard products, reduce the production of waste, but also reduce the return loss, bring higher efficiency to the enterprise, but also improve the brand reputation.

3. The dehumidifying dryer is used to heat the dried air to the dryer to dehumidify and dry the material, which can shorten the drying time, and the effect is remarkable, and the working efficiency is improved.

4, the air line of the dehumidifying dryer is a closed loop, no matter whether it is cloudy or sunny, it will not regain moisture. In addition, the filter is installed to prevent dust from leaking out and create a clean and tidy workshop environment.
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