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Danger of operating the mold cleaning machine in violation of regulations

Just at the end of May this year, a mold company in Dongguan had such a tragedy. An explosion occurred on the third floor of the company, causing 7 injuries. Two of them were seriously injured. After preliminary investigation, the cause of the accident was that the cleaner used white electric oil to clean the air compressor and caused an explosion. After the accident, I saw a crack in the side of the stairs of a three-storey factory building. In the workshop on the third floor, the ceiling was blown up and collapsed. The surrounding windows were blown into holes, and the iron sheets and wires were exposed. On the street 20 meters away from the factory, the splashed glass was scattered all over the place. The window glass of the emperor electronics factory behind the factory was also crushed by shock waves, and some of the glass was riddled with holes.

   Therefore, in the operation of the mold cleaning machine must be kept in mind the operation method, must not change the operating rules. Give the company damage to yourself.
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