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Comparison of application of plastic dehumidifying dryer with other dehumidifiers

The use of the dehumidifying dryer can be divided into a single machine type and a centralized type, and the single type dehumidifying dryer usually includes a dryer main machine, a drying barrel, and a suction machine. The single-machine type is suitable for a small variety of drying, which has the advantages of good drying efficiency and convenient and quick refueling.

The centralized dryer consists of a dryer mainframe and several drying drums. Each drying drum has an independent heating controller that can simultaneously dry several different raw materials and cooperate with the air volume regulating valve to control the air volume of each drying drum. With the extensive use of engineering plastics, dehumidifying dryers have gradually replaced traditional hot air dryers.

The three-machine integrated dehumidifying dryer is a new product developed in combination with the actual situation of the plastics industry. The machine adopts multi-stage honeycomb rotor and all-stainless steel double-layer blow-type insulation hopper, which integrates dehumidification, drying and feeding, and has the advantages of fast and simple feeding, compact structure, and durability.

Dehumidifying dryers should be cleaned from time to time and kept clean. The dehumidifier should be placed in the center of the room. The air inlet and outlet of the refrigerating dryer shall not be obstructed, and the filter net shall be cleaned. When the ambient temperature is lower than 15 °C, the water droplets attached to the surface of the evaporator will freeze and the effect of the dehumidifier will be weakened. If the ambient temperature exceeds 40 °C, the pressure in the system will increase and the compressor will be overloaded. At this time, the overload protector The line should be cut off or the compressor motor will be damaged.

The plastic dehumidifying dryer can obtain ultra-low dew point ordinary cooling water can reach -40 ° C dew point, with the chiller up to -50 ° C above the ultra-low dew point; and dehumidification and regeneration continuous cycle work to ensure that the dew point temperature is stable, in - The dew point below 40 ° C is stable in a straight line.
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