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Centralized feed system piping design and selection is key

1. Centralized feed system piping should be combined with the overall planning and development of the plant and workshop to select the piping, taking full account of the rationality of the entire production equipment and delivery system configuration.

2. The most important thing is to facilitate the installation, maintenance and maintenance of the pipeline.

3. The centralized supply system pipeline should not be too long as long as it meets the basic requirements of the delivery requirements.

4. When the number of elbows is small, the elbow is more likely to be clogged, and the elbow with less bending radius should be selected.

5. The centralized supply system horizontal pipe should not be too long.

As the mechanical equipment industry, ginko focuses on the quality, technology, service and price of its products. The operation of the central feeding system is to allow the material to be automatically conveyed during the conveying process to achieve high productivity and high efficiency. The demand for large-scale standards in the food and pharmaceutical industry transportation and central feed system equipment will increase, and the demand for functional equipment combined with it will also increase. Highly automated conveyor equipment will be welcomed in some applications! For more information, please visit:
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