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1. Automization of coloring process, anti-blocking: The central feeding system can realize uninterrupted uninterrupted continuous molding operations. In the operation process, the combination of raw material varieties and multi-color materials can be changed according to need, and the coloring process can be automated. And it can regenerate and use the injection-mold cold material in a fully automatic manner, which can control all the feeding equipments, prevent the occurrence of blocking phenomenon in the storage bins, and improve the working efficiency of the injection molding workshop.
2. Adapt to the requirements of multiple product types: The central centralized material supply system adopts microcomputer centralized automatic control, continuous supply of materials for pellets for 24 hours, uniform mixing, accurate measurement, and flexible change of color, we can see that it Adapt to the requirements of multi-color and multi-species products in the injection molding workshop.
3, safe and reliable work: According to the production capacity of different molding machines, flexible changes in the amount of feed. The design of multiple feed pipes can ensure the diversified requirements for the main materials of the injection molding workshop, and at the same time, it has multiple monitoring and protection functions, and the work is safe and reliable.
4. Adapt to any injection molding equipment in injection molding workshop: The central feeding system can automatically supply various raw materials to multi-chamber injection molding processing equipment, which can include color matching, drying, and proportioning crushing and recycling of raw materials. , can implement a high degree of automation control, monitoring and so on.
5. Easy operation and energy saving: The central feeding system is easy to operate, requiring only a few individuals to control the feed needs of the entire injection molding plant, thereby reducing a lot of labor costs. At the same time, it also reduces the raw material belt and corresponding auxiliary equipment next to the injection molding machine, and improves the space utilization. In addition, due to the use of a central feed system, a corresponding reduction in a lot of stand-alone equipment, saving power and reduce maintenance costs.

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