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The centralized feeding system wholesaler tells you the meaning of the plastic feeding system

Our company is good at absorbing domestic and foreign technology to develop a high-quality centralized feeding system, leading the new round of technological revolution in the feeding system. The central centralized feeding system is to realize centralized treatment of concentrated drying, dehumidification, metering and stirring of raw materials, and closed transportation to completely avoid waste of raw materials, noise, dust, and hot gas from the workshop. Resolving the high cost of repeated manual handling of raw materials and the problem of inadvertent dry and incomplete shortages of materials, not mixing other materials that are not allowed, and most importantly, reducing procurement, power consumption, maintenance costs, and improving product quality. Improve work efficiency.
  The Hengxin brand central feeding system adopts vacuum frequency conversion, vacuum negative pressure, and positive pressure dilute phase and dense phase transportation. Through the centralized pipeline transportation system, the raw materials are delivered to the feeding hopper of the forming machine. The raw material adopts the centralized drying method, which can use dried air to transport the dried raw materials to prevent the dried raw materials from absorbing moisture again in the transportation process. After the raw material transportation is complete, the system will clean the transportation pipelines to ensure that there is no residue in the pipeline. The pellets ensure the consistency of the raw materials added to the feed hopper of the forming machine. In the transportation process, the original dust in the raw materials and trace dust generated during the transportation process are filtered out, which helps to improve the quality of the molded products.

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