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Intelligentized and centralized individualized system of automatic feeding system

In modern times where people's needs are continuously improving and the central supply is constantly upgraded, the system can change the combination of raw material varieties and multi-color materials according to needs and realize the automation of the coloring process. The centralized feeding system adopts microcomputer centralized automatic control to realize multiple small microcomputers to control the coloring process of each molding machine separately. The measurement is accurate and the mixing is uniform, and the color can be flexibly changed to meet the requirements for multiple colors and varieties of products. According to the production capacity of different molding machines, the amount of feeds can be flexibly changed. Multiple feed pipe designs can ensure the diversification of the main materials. The system has a variety of monitoring and protection features, work safe and reliable.
  The intelligent centralized feeding system can be used by different users without special skills or skills, easy to understand, and easy to operate. The system can also be used to regenerate and use the injection-mold cold material in a fully automatic manner. The monitoring station is fully automated. Features that can also be used in workshops in different workshops and requirements for different raw materials. Ginko can design the best solution according to the actual needs and wholeheartedly serve you!
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