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Intelligent centralized feed system leads the development of injection molding technology

The intelligent centralized feed system leads the development of injection molding technology.
   In recent years, the injection molding industry has continued to develop, and the growing needs of various industries for injection molding products have also grown. This has led to the development and improvement of the entire level of injection molding and molding technologies. However, due to the complicated equipment and personnel conditions in the injection molding industry, traditional Operational management is often unable to cope with such a complex situation, resulting in poor management of processing materials and processing costs. This requires the application of a feed system that adapts to the requirements for multiple colors and varieties of products.
   In the modern development of the plastic machinery industry, the central centralized feeding system is suitable for the centralized supply and control of plastic products in the injection molding workshop, and continuous unattended continuous molding operations are realized. The system can regenerate and use the nozzle cold material in a fully automatic manner, which can control all the feeding equipment and prevent the occurrence of blocking phenomenon in the storage bin. The central monitoring station is set up to realize full automation.
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