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Central delivery system solution


Our company can plan for you from the auxiliary equipment of the plastic molding plant, including plastic raw material storage, central feeding, drying conveying to metering mixing, temperature control from the mold to the cooling system of the molding equipment, and the recovery from the automated robot to the scrap crushing. Wait.

Storage and Transportation
Regardless of small storage tanks or large outdoor storage tanks, Hengyi can provide you with the most suitable central supply storage solution, so as to save space for you, protect raw materials and reduce transportation costs.
The parts in contact with the raw materials are made of stainless steel and the filtering system of the delivery system, which effectively ensures that the raw materials are not contaminated during the transportation process. The flexible conveying air-adjusting system can effectively avoid the condition of drawing or dust due to different conveying conditions by adjusting the conveying speed.
For high temperature raw material delivery systems, Hengyu has specially designed a solution with water cooling function, which reduces the vacuum pump's risk for high temperature raw material delivery.
In the closed-cycle secondary transport system, Henghan can greatly reduce the risk of heat loss during transportation and the risk of reabsorption of moisture after drying for the hot material and the heat transfer hopper that needs to be sent to the molding machine after drying.

Raw material distribution
The standard manual material distribution station uses quick connectors. The Hengyi branch station allows you to select the best ingredient line. The central feeder and its associated connectors can increase the efficiency of the system. The automatic material distribution station is controlled by a central console and can be used in large feed systems.
Metering mix
Constant volumetric masterbatch SCM can be used for color masterbatch raw materials, the production range of 0.2 ~ 32kg/hr. If the customer has higher requirements on the proportion and accuracy of masterbatch addition, we recommend the use of lossless masterbatch SGD, which uses a weight loss measurement method with a production range of 0.04 to 32 kg/hr.
Automatic mixing of one kind of main raw material of plastic raw material and 1-4 color masterbatch or additive, suitable for injection molding, extrusion or blow molding production.
Weighing Mixer
Ethernet interface, MODBUS, and PROFIBUS communication modules enable remote monitoring and data exchange with mainframes such as extruders and injection molding machines. (For example, maximum output, actual output, and ratio accuracy.) The controller is equipped with a standard USB 2.0 interface to save the mix ratio data to a USB flash drive for production quality control. With sound and light alarms, it is convenient for equipment personnel to quickly and accurately reach the site of the faulty machine. All parts that come into contact with raw materials are made of stainless steel to prevent the raw materials from being contaminated.
Dehumidifying and drying
In plastic molding processes, drying becomes a particularly critical stage. It must be ensured that the moisture in the raw materials is removed and the drying temperature is reasonable. Greatly improve product quality, low power consumption, high efficacy, stable supply of dehumidified air with dew point of -30°C to -40°C.
The main components of the rotary hive dehumidifier are imported components, carefully selected, and assembled. The main purpose of the machine is to match with the hot air hopper dryer, and to perform highly efficient dehumidification and drying operations on highly hygroscopic engineering plastics (such as: PA, PC, PBT, PET, etc.).
Extrusion control
Cooling air ring and film thickness gauge
For plastic film blowing machines, the air ring is an important component of film bubble forming and cooling. The air ring has a great influence on film thickness uniformity and film yield.
Weightless hopper gauge
It is a weightless hopper meter, which can control the extruder screw speed according to the set output to achieve a constant extruder output. The hopper weight and related raw materials are weighted by two eccentric sensors. The use of modular PLC technology ensures simple and practical operation. The control software includes weightlessness control, rice weight, production control, and raw material consumption control.
Continuous weight loss mixer
Continuous weight loss metering system, which is used to feed multiple materials at the same time. The main material is weighted by two eccentric sensors, and then the data is fed back to the control system. The control system then measures the weight through two eccentric sensors on other raw materials and adjusts the rotation speed of the screw to achieve a constant ratio with the main material. The control software includes weightlessness control, rice weight, production control, and raw material consumption control.

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