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Several factors that cause noise in the centralized feed system and treatment measures

During the operation of the central feed system, pipe plugging often occurs. Of course, there are many reasons. It is necessary for the manufacturer to find out what may have occurred and take precautions to ensure the stable operation of the central feed system.
I. Causes of pipeline blockage in the central feed system

1, too much crushed material dust.

2. The pulsating dust collector dust is not cleaned in time and the vacuum tube is blocked.

II. Prevention and Resolution of Pipeline Blockage in Central Feeding System

1. The prevention method is to use relevant maintenance training for relevant operators.

2. It is recommended that pulse dust collectors should be cleaned 4 times or more per shift.

3. It is recommended to increase the dust filter collection device to reduce the pulsating dust collector workload. The precautions are strictly inspected according to the factory floor standards.

If the above method still cannot be solved, please contact the equipment manufacturer in time.
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