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Talking about the drying program of the three-machine integrated dehumidifying dryer

The three-machine integrated dehumidifying dryer consists of a non-thermal dehumidifying dryer, a heat-insulating drying cylinder and an all-steel suction feeder. The suction machine can transport raw materials from the drying cylinder to the forming machine, and can also transport the raw materials from the storage cylinder to the drying cylinder. According to the customer's needs, a raw material can be delivered to the two molding machines. The vacuum motor and the safety filter dust collector are installed inside the machine.
The three-machine integrated dehumidifying dryer can dry to a moisture content below 0.02%, which solves the disadvantages of poor transparency, sticking of sprue, air bubbles, silver bars, cracks, poor dimensional stability, internal stress, and lack of product physical strength. , is a key equipment to improve the quality of plastic products.

Drying program of three-in-one dehumidifying dryer:

1. In the rapid depressurization of the dehumidification tower, a dew point of -40 can be obtained.

2. The water removal and degreasing screening program cleans the moisture and oil in the compressed air sent from the workshop and sends it to the dehumidification tower.

3. The dew point of -40 to -50 is to be sent to the sealed vacuum dehumidification drum, and the humidity of all the raw materials in the drum is sucked dry.

4, the system is a one-way air, no need to use renewable dehumidification, drying efficiency, good effect.
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