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Advantages of Application of Plastic Dehumidifying Dryer for Central Feeding

The special plastic desiccant dryer for the central feeding system is mainly used for dehumidifying and drying of plastic raw materials (such as PA, PC, PBT, PET, etc.) in the industry. Most engineering plastics have strong hygroscopicity and cannot be fully obtained before the raw materials are formed. Drying treatment is prone to defects such as cracks, burrs, air bubbles, poor impact and poor viscosity, which affects the quality of the product. Therefore, it is necessary to use a plastic dehumidifying dryer.
First, the characteristics of the special plastic dehumidifying dryer for the central feeding system:

1, with efficient drying ability, increase the plastic molding rate;

2, energy saving, energy saving up to 27-65%;

3, can be directly connected to the host feed inlet, to avoid plastic raw materials after drying back;

4, improve the quality of plastic products;

5, no pollution, green environmental protection.

Second, the advantages of the special plastic dehumidifying dryer for the central feeding system:

1. Uniform distribution of hot air: A high-performance hot air diffuser that evenly distributes hot air is used to maintain uniform drying temperature of the plastic, increase drying efficiency, and shorten drying time.

2. Reliability design: The equipment is beautiful and sturdy in appearance, easy to install, and multiple safety devices to ensure work safety.

3, temperature control accuracy: the use of high-precision temperature regulator, can accurately control the temperature, the use of proportional deviation index temperature, eliminate temperature errors.

4, save time, manpower: the separation of the body and the base design, easy and easy cleaning, reloading is simple and rapid.

Compared with the traditional hot air dryer, the plastic dehumidifying dryer has obvious advantages, and the drying efficiency is faster and better. It is more suitable for the mass production of enterprises and increases production capacity.
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