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What is the role of vacuum suction machine?

Vacuum plastic suction machine
Automatic pumping machine is also called automatic feeder.
There is a small hopper above the raw material dryer. The hopper is composed of a hopper, an induction switch, a mechanical air switch, a filter screen, a feed inlet, and an intake port. The suction pipe is used for feeding.
Host: The main time relay controls the equipment. Components: Motors, Filters, Air Inlets, Suction Units, Inductive Connections, and Multiple Relays
The working principle is: When the small hopper has no material, the mechanical air switch will fall to open the sensor switch, and when the sensor switch is turned on, the host relay turns on to let the horse
After the start of operation, the motor drives the exhaust device and starts to pass through the air filter to the small hopper. Under the effect of the suction, the mechanical air switch closes the discharge port upward.
A small hopper vacuum is formed. The feed port has a feed pipe leading to the hopper. The raw material starts to enter the small hopper. The raw material is isolated by the filter mesh and will not inhale into the motor direction when the motor is set to operate.
After the time arrives, the small hopper has no vacuum and the mechanical air switch falls. The raw material falls into the dryer and the cycle ends.
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