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Detachable Type Autoloader

1. The machine adopts imported fully enclosed scroll compressor and one-button control by microcomputer; the condenser adopts high-efficiency threaded copper tube for heat transfer, and the heat transfer coefficient is high, so that the tube evaporation and the tube condensation have higher heat exchange efficiency, ensuring The unit has good cooling performance and heat transfer effect. The unit has the advantages of small size, low noise, high energy, long life, easy operation, etc. Its beautiful and delicate shape design and reliable and stable high-performance quality are outstanding in similar products!
2. There is no need for coils in the process tank, and a highly efficient U-type non-welded evaporator is used. The evaporator copper tubes are internally and externally threaded. The surface of the copper pipe is threaded, the outer surface of the copper pipe is smooth, and the cooling effect is good. The evaporator barrel is insulated with a 25mm thick PE insulation board, which does not cause condensation, and the loss of cooling capacity is small. The condenser adopts copper pipes imported from abroad, and is processed into trapezoidal low-ribbed pipes, which enhances the heat transfer capability. The surface of the copper pipes is smooth, so that the water pressure is reduced, and it is easy to clean and maintain.
4. Powerful protection device: Compressor delay start protector, overload protector, high and low voltage protector, temperature control switch, antifreeze switch, fuse plug, electronic time protection safety valve, compressor overheat protector, compressor frequently Start protectors and abnormal indicators to ensure the normal operation of the unit.
4. The use of advanced components imported from Europe, the United States, Japan and high energy efficiency than the compressor, long service life. Efficient evaporator and condenser, high heat exchange efficiency, can effectively save energy. Electric appliances used OMRON.FUJI.LG.Schnei der.ABB and so on. Perfect security protection and fault display, maintenance and maintenance without professionals. EIC-10 or above uses two or more groups of systems that can be used individually or together to facilitate energy conditioning.
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