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Main mechanism system of vacuum dehumidifying dryer

Vacuum system of vacuum dehumidifying dryer
       The vacuum system consists of a vacuum pump or a Garroz pump. Its main function is to establish a system vacuum and exhaust gas. At the suction port of each vacuum pump, an automatic shut-off valve for preventing gas backflow due to power failure is installed.

Cooling System

    The refrigeration system of the vacuum dehumidifying dryer is composed of a refrigeration compressor, a water-cooled condenser, an expansion valve, a plate evaporator, an oil component, etc. The main machine adopts an imported single-machine two-stage semi-hermetic compressor, and each host constitutes an independent refrigeration cycle system through the plate type. The heat exchanger or the condensing duct separately cools the plies and the cold trap. Cooling System

The cold trap is a device for trapping sublimated water vapor and is integrated with the drying box, with a mushroom valve/
The butterfly valves are separated to allow the incoming and outgoing materials to be simultaneously defrosted. After entering the freeze-drying determination procedure,
The pressure test is performed automatically to find the end point of lyophilization. In the event of a short power outage (10min),
To protect the safety of the product, the small butterfly valve will automatically close, using the pressure difference between the cold trap and the drying box,
Maintain sublimation status.

        The refrigeration system is designed with sufficient cooling capacity to handle the water vapor load generated by sublimation. The system is also equipped with motor overload thermal protection, high pressure pressure protection, low pressure pressure protection, medium pressure pressure protection, oil pressure difference protection, automatic liquid collection, cooling water shortage protection and many other functions. The compressor is also equipped with CPCE
 The pressure regulator prevents the compressor from operating under extreme conditions and the secondary compression ratio tends to balance.

In addition, the vacuum dehumidification dryer has long-term stable operation and high efficiency. The system piping is advanced in design, accurate in installation, etc.
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