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Pneumatic vacuum feeding machine

Pneumatic is the use of compressed air through the vacuum generator to achieve high vacuum delivery of materials, no mechanical vacuum pump, with a simple structure, small size, maintenance-free, low noise, easy control, eliminate static electricity and meet GMP requirements . The high vacuum produced by the vacuum generator eliminates the delamination phenomenon of the conveyed material and ensures the homogeneity of the components of the mixture. It is a tablet press, capsule filling machine, dry granulator, packaging machine, pulverizer, and vibrating screen. The preferred equipment such as mechanical automatic feeding.
When the “On/Off” button is pressed, the compressed air enters the vacuum generator, and the discharge gate of the hopper is closed by the cylinder and vacuum is generated in the hopper. The vacuum feeder forms a gas stream under vacuum. Under this gas flow, the conveyed material is transported into the vacuum hopper via a hose. After a certain time (adjustable time for loading, the compressed air is shut off), the pneumatic vacuum pump Can not produce vacuum, while the hopper discharge door opened under the cylinder to open, vacuum feeder vacuum disappears, the material from the discharge door automatically into the receiving equipment (such as tablet presses, packaging machines, etc.). At the same time, the compressed air stored in the air bag blows back the filter and the filter is automatically cleaned; after a certain time (loading time, adjustable), the compressed air is restarted, the vacuum is generated by the pneumatic vacuum pump, the discharge door is closed, and the vacuum feeder is closed Adding material again and again and again, the material is continuously sent to the receiving equipment.
For the material level controlled vacuum feeder, the material in the hopper of the receiving equipment is automatically fed through the level gauge. When the hopper of the receiving equipment is higher than a certain position, the vacuum feeder stops operating to enter the standby state; when the material level is lower than a certain position, the vacuum feeder automatically starts to complete the feeding of the material receiving equipment.
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