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Vacuum feeding machine working principle

 The principle of the electric motor vacuum feeder: The electric motor vacuum feeder (ZKS type) is a vacuum conveyor that uses a vacuum pump as a vacuum source. The vacuum feeder can be used to send materials directly from the container to the mixer, reactor, and hopper. , tablet presses, packaging machines, shakers, whole granulators, wet granulators, dry granulators, and pulverizers. The machine reduced the labor intensity of the workers, eliminated the use of dust pollution at the site, and ensured that the production process met the "GMP" requirements.
When the “On/Off” key is pressed, the vacuum pump starts, which generates a negative pressure of about -30 KPA. The negative pressure passes through the filter element twice and then to the filter element, and enters the relatively closed in the plastic tube that meets the “GMP” requirement. Mixer, negative pressure generated in the mixer, negative pressure through the three-way pipe, passed to the suction nozzle, suction nozzle contact material that is quickly transported to the sealed container (ie mixer)
In the suction process, due to the very fine powder, it can reach the surface of the primary filter through the pipe. The device has the function of compressed air back blowing, and the back blowing time is set freely. For example, the setting feeding time is 10S, The blanking time is 5S, that is, 10S feeds gas to the reverse blowing air bag. The feeding time is completed. The feeding time starts to run, and the back blowing is performed. Then, the air supply is again performed. The material is blown back and forth, and the material is recycled. Continuously into the receiving equipment, material delivery is completed by pressing / key, that is, stop, complete the task of the material being transported.
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