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Development of water mold temperature machine in die casting industry

The use of water mold temperature machine in the die casting industry also has a lot of space, especially in the manufacture of magnesium alloys and aluminum alloys, rather than a common or improper die casting size temperature will lead to unstable production process, deformation, hot pressure casting mold Surface adhesion, shrinkage, and thermal depression, bubbles, and the like. The impact of the production cycle, such as filling time, cooling time and the time the spray produces instability. In addition, life will be too hot and cold due to impact, heat, and accelerated aging steel is expensive.

Mold temperature machine and mold temperature control machine are widely used in various plastic injection molding, guiding and crowding. Joab picked up his knife with his left hand. Die casting, rubber tire roll reactor adhesive industry. Mixers, and other industries. In a general sense, this should be the so-called temperature control device, including both heating and freezing temperature control.

In the plastics industry, the mold temperature machine is used in general, and its main functions are: to improve product shape efficiency and reduce defective products. Improve the appearance of products, inhibit product defects, speed up production, reduce energy consumption, and save energy.
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