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Basic structure and working principle of rotary dehumidifier

The core component of the rotary dehumidifier is a honeycomb runner. The runner is made up of a special ceramic fiber carrier and a movable silicone. The runners are divided into two areas, a treatment area and a regeneration area by special sealing devices. When the humid air that needs to be dehumidified passes through the processing area of the runner, the water vapor of the humid air is adsorbed by the active silica gel of the runner, and the dry air is sent to the space that needs to be calculated by the processing fan, and the runner that continuously rotates slowly The saturated water vapor enters the regeneration zone, and the high-temperature air blown back in the regeneration zone causes the water adsorbed in the runner to be desorbed and discharged to the outside by the fan, so that the runner recovers the moisture absorption capability and completes the regeneration process. The runner is continuously rotated, and the above-described dehumidification and regeneration are repeated, thereby ensuring a stable dehumidification state of the dehumidifier.

The general air treatment uses a high-performance dry dehumidifier with a honeycomb dehumidification wheel. By continuously repeating the respiration regeneration operation, the dry air with low dew point is continuously and continuously supplied without affecting the air circulation. Eight to eight times per hour, when the air passes through the treatment zone, the water vapor is absorbed by the hygroscopic material in the runner, and the runner is transferred to the living zone. At this time, the other air is heated to a high temperature by prior heating. The air passes through the moisture-receiving runner to evaporate the water in the runner, thereby restoring the adsorption capacity, while the regenerated air is evaporated to become humid air, and the moisture is discharged to the outside through the resealing fan.

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