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Prerequisites for purchasing a dehumidifying dryer

First, the principle of buying dehumidification dryer 1. To buy the size of your room: buy too weak to make the dehumidifier too heavy, dehumidification is too strong and will consume excess power, so buy dehumidifiers do not buy cheap dehumidification Also, don't use a too good dehumidifier in a small room, and buy everything according to your needs. The formula for calculating the dehumidification capacity is as follows: The basic formula is calculated by dehumidifying 0.24 liters per square meter per square meter (one ping = 3.3 square meters). For example, the indoor area is 6 ping: 3.3 × 6 × 0.24 = 4.8, and 5 liters of capacity can be purchased. It can also be simplified to a 1:1 ratio, such as 6 liters for 6 liters. Basically, one ping is based on one liter of dehumidification. PS: How much liter of water that can be removed from the air by kWh is called the energy factor. Those who choose energy factor values greater than 1.00 (liters/degree) are more in line with the requirements of power saving.

   Second, according to the environment of your life to buy dehumidification dryer, the dehumidification is not the greater the better, if the air in the residential area is not humid enough, the dehumidifier can not achieve the claimed effect, in vain. Experts suggest that it is best to choose according to the degree of humidity and space in the area of residence. The weter the place of residence, the greater the number of dehumidification capacity required. If you live in a very humid area (humidity is more than 80%) or in the peach-powder area where the south wind blows, you often feel that the floor is wet and wet. You can choose a machine with strong dehumidification, such as a machine with a dehumidification force of 10 liters or more. Kind.

   Third, pay attention to the dehumidification dryer power consumption Generally dehumidification of the dehumidifier is more power consumption, the traditional compressor type B dehumidifier can dehumidify 12L daily (L / DAY, 30 ° C RH80%) power consumption The amount is about 100W~150W per hour, the dehumidification capacity is 20L per day (L/DAY, 30°C RH80%), the power consumption is about 200W~250W per hour, and the dehumidification wheel type dehumidifier, because it needs heating, The traditional power consumption is more than double. For example, the dehumidification wheel can remove about 12L daily (L/DAY, 30 °C RH80%) dehumidification amount is about 300W~500W, so please pay attention to the power consumption.

 Fourth, it is best to choose the humidity control capacity of the general dehumidification dryer of the button panel below 4000 yuan is not humidity control, that is to say, will be stopped when the water tank is full, this kind of sometimes leads to the room It is lower than the optimal humidity of the human body (45%~65% humidity), which will make people feel uncomfortable and the lips will be chapped and thirsty. So it is best to choose a dehumidifier with humidity control, more than 1000 yuan for your Budget to more than 4,000 yuan, it is cost-effective to buy a humidity sensor (when you buy it, you need to see clearly and ask the store), if you can buy it, you can adjust the humidity by 50%, 60%, 70% is better, more than 6000 The Yuan model can adjust the humidity (except for the dehumidifier dehumidifier, the dehumidifier dehumidifier now only has its own humidity of 50%).
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