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Application of dehumidifying dryer in machine room

1. When the humidity is high: When the moisture content in the air is constant, the relative humidity increases with the decrease of the air temperature. When the relative temperature is close to 70%, some parts may show meager condensation. When the pipe is inhaled, it will change its internal electrical performance parameters, causing leakage and leakage of the passage, which may cause breakdown of the electronic components.

2. When the humidity is low: the air in the equipment room is dry, and the relative humidity is low, which is easy to generate static electricity. According to experimental tests, when the relative temperature is 30%, the electrostatic voltage is 5 kV. When the relative humidity is 20%, the electrostatic voltage is 10 kV. When the electrostatic voltage exceeds 2kV in the equipment room, it will cause the disk drive to malfunction, which will also cause the deformation and warpage of the tape. Static electricity is easy to absorb dust. If it is stuck on the read or write head of a magnetic disk or a magnetic tape, data errors may occur, and the disk may be scratched and the magnetic head may be damaged.

So choosing a dehumidifying dryer for you will create a better environment for your machine room.
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