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Why is the desiccant dryer widely used?

Even small changes in humidity can cause mold. Mold growth is also often caused by other humidity-related problems such as condensation and icing. If the relative humidity reaches 70%, the mold will multiply.

With the improvement of living environment requirements and scientific and technological progress, dehumidification dryers have emerged as the times require, and the problem of heavy moisture in the environment is well solved.

The dehumidifying dryer is composed of a compressor, a heat exchanger, a fan, a water container, a casing and a controller. The working principle is that the fan draws humid air into the machine and passes through the heat exchanger, and the moisture in the air at this time. Condensed into water droplets, which become dry air and discharged outside the machine. This cycle reduces the humidity in the room.

Therefore, dehumidifying dryers are widely used in laboratories, computer rooms, measuring rooms, library rooms, archives, offices, instrumentation rooms, hospitals, power distribution rooms, banks, material reserves, food and crop warehouses, etc. Optical instruments, precision equipment and valuables avoid moisture and mildew.
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