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Central feeding system maintenance and maintenance

Regularly train personnel who operate the central feeding system, especially new employees;

Regularly check leaks on conveying pipes, especially vacuum lines and compressed air lines;

Regular maintenance and maintenance of the single unit in the centralized feeding system;

After cleaning the suction hopper and drying bucket, install it in place;

The central feeding system is regularly maintained and maintained using lubricants for production and maintenance.

Do a regular check on the power cord to see if there is any power exposed. If you replace the power cord in time.

Timely protection of the motor of the central feeding system. If it is found that the motor does not turn or stop, check and repair it in time.
Regularly clean the centralized feed system filter or replace it;

Regularly clean the dust of the electrical parts of the equipment;

Central supply system maintenance and maintenance should improve the ventilation of the equipment.

Make sure that the central feeding system feeder is stable and secure, and there is no looseness or skew.

Do a good job of cleaning the machine of the feeder.

Maintenance of maintenance and maintenance of the central feeding system shall establish a maintenance file to record daily operation and maintenance;

Implementing a special person management responsibility system and a stand-alone operation responsibility system;
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