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Water-cooled industrial chiller super-heat level of the machine has any effect?

The effect of liquid overheating in a water-cooled chiller refrigeration system: due to the overheating of liquid in a water-cooled chiller refrigeration system, the unit's refrigerating capacity will increase, the theoretical power per unit will increase, and the COP increases, or the water-cooled chiller's refrigeration coefficient The reduction, which depends on the unit of cooling capacity, is determined by whether the ratio of the increment of theoretical power to the unit of incremental rain is greater than the cooling coefficient or less than the cooling coefficient. If it is larger than the cooling coefficient, the incremental coefficient of the cycle will be increased. Otherwise, the ratio will be increased. The cycle cooling factor decreases. In addition, the overheating of the liquid outside the evaporator of the water-cooled chiller is generally referred to as harmful overheating. The lower the evaporation temperature, the greater the harmful influence of the water-cooled chiller on overheating. Therefore, when companies install water-cooled chillers, they can insulate thermal insulation materials in the suction pipe, which can reduce harmful overheating to some extent.
If companies want to use the water-cooled chiller for a long period of time, they can use one more chiller as a spare, which will prevent the water-cooled chiller from being overloaded. Because once the load is higher, the water-cooled chiller will inevitably generate a lot of heat. In a very short operating time, a large amount of heat cannot be discharged in a timely and effective manner. When the heat is accumulated to a certain extent, the damage to the water-cooled chiller is very large, and even a problem arises that the various types of critical circuit components cannot be normally used at high temperatures. This will seriously affect the normal use of water-cooled chillers by enterprises, and even lead to many more serious consequences. However, many companies still do not realize the impact of overheated environments on water-cooled chillers. In particular, the use of iron factory, due to the high temperature of the work environment, prompting a lot of heat can not be eliminated in a timely manner, will inevitably affect the safe operation of the water-cooled chiller. The longer the water-cooled chiller is in abnormal operating conditions, the greater the damage to the chiller, and the company needs to recognize the impact of a good environment on the water-cooled chiller so as to avoid problems such as shortened service life of the water-cooled cold water. As long as the old saying goes, enterprises must ensure that the space for the use of industrial water chillers is in a normal state of ventilation. Even if the water-cooled chiller is in a high-load operating state or the ambient temperature is high, high temperatures can still be eliminated in time. You can also solve this problem by installing exhaust fans in the equipment room. In addition, pay close attention to whether the refrigerant vapor will produce overheating, and regularly clean the evaporator and condenser of the water-cooled chiller.
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