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Chillers / freezers / chillers / freezers / refrigeration units safe operating practices

Since chillers are widely used in all walks of life, the names are numerous. Several common names are: chillers, chillers, freezers, chillers, freezers, and chillers.
The chiller/freezer/chiller/refrigerator/refrigerator unit safety operating specifications are as follows:
1 Preparation of the Olympus Chiller before starting up
1) Make sure that the power of the unit and controller is turned on.
2) Make sure that the cooling tower fan, cooling water pump and cold water pump are all turned on.
3) Make sure that the end fan coil unit is powered on.
2 Launch of Aotianxin Chiller
1) Press the status key on the keyboard, and then switch the unit ON/OFF toggle switch to the ON position under the keyboard.
2) The unit will perform a self-test. After a few seconds, one compressor will start. When the load increases, the other compressor will start.
3) Once the unit is started, all operations are not automatic. The unit starts and stops automatically according to the change of the cooling load (chilled water supply and return water temperature).
3 Normal operation of Aotianxin chiller
1) When the unit is running normally, the controller will monitor the oil pressure, motor current and other parameters of the system. Once any problems arise, the control system will automatically take corresponding measures to protect the unit and display the fault information on the unit screen. (For details, please refer to the installation, operation and maintenance manual)
2) In each 24-hour operating cycle, there should be someone dedicated to permanently record the unit operating conditions at a fixed time interval.
4 Aotianxin Chiller - Downtime
1) As long as the ON/OFF toggle switch of the unit below the keyboard is switched to the off position, the unit can be stopped.
2) To prevent damage, do not shut off the unit's power supply even when the unit is shut down.
3) Operation of fan and water pump:
1 The cooling tower fan, cooling water pump, and cold water pump are all independently controlled. Before starting the machine, make sure that the power supply is normal, no phase reversal, and no missing phase.
2 Make sure the valves in the piping are open before the pump is turned on.
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