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The industry's central feeding system shares the development history of conveyor equipment with you

The industry's central feeding system shares with you the history of the development of conveyor equipment.
   In the modern industrial market, transportation equipment can be divided into two major categories: central supply system and centralized supply system. Today, we went into Hengyi Machinery to share the historic development of transportation equipment.
   The ancient Chinese high-revolver trucks and water-supply overturns were the prototypes of modern bucket elevators and scraper conveyors; in the 17th century, they began to use rack conveyor equipment to provide empty ropeway conveying bulk materials; in the middle of the 19th century, various Modern conveyors have emerged as spiral conveyors; in 1905, steel belt conveyors appeared in Switzerland; in 1906, inertial conveyors appeared in England and Germany. Since then, the conveyor has been affected by technological advances in machinery manufacturing, electrical machinery, chemical engineering, and metallurgical industries. It has been continuously improved, gradually completing the internal transportation of the workshop, and has developed to complete the material handling within the enterprise, between enterprises, and even between cities, becoming a material. An integral part of the mechanization and automation of the handling system.
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