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Central feeding system manufacturers explain the characteristics of automatic reversal cyclone dust collectors and diversion stations

There are several accessories, the main accessories are the central feeding host and automatic reverse cyclone dust collector. The following red treasure machinery will introduce their characteristics for everyone:    Central feeding host: (1) The motor does not stop the design to avoid frequent motor starting, resulting in loss; (2) With safety relief valve, when the host movement pressure is too high, the safety setting value is overloaded, release valve automatic Relieve the pressure to protect the motor; (3) Feeding machine has two A and B alternations, and there is an automatic switching valve design to ensure the stability of raw material delivery.    Automatic reversal cyclone dust collector: (1) Integrate air filter and cyclone dust collector together to collect dust efficiently with natural centrifugal force; (2) Attach high-pressure gas tank and clean the filter automatically; (3) Set Dust traps are installed on the dust collector to effectively move dust collector dust without stopping the machine.
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