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How can I choose the dryer that suits me best?

With the development of the times, how can we choose better things? For consumers or target customers, we do not care most about how efficient the dryers are, but what we may be more concerned with is where do we start? Select it. Therefore, we have summarized the following points to help you select the dryer that best suits you with the eyes of Fire Eyes.PET is a widely used engineering plastics and has strong hygroscopicity
First, how to choose the dryer that is suitable for oneself:
1. What kinds of materials can the dryer adapt to? Powder, granular, crystal, paste or sticky
2, also need to care about the dryer's heater contact, see it is direct or indirect
3, to see if it can choose the following fuel: steam, coal, electricity, oil and gas
4, before buying, but also to pay attention to some of its drying auxiliary equipment, such as: fans, wet scrubbers, feeders, finished cooling and delivery devices, etc.
5. The range of the amount of material that is required for continuous production of its annual productivity and its average production.
6. Some basic properties of the materials to be put, including chemical, microbiological activity, heat-sensitive, biochemical, hygroscopic isotherms and so on.
7, we need to pay attention to the drying time, drying curve and the impact of operating parameters
8, some special parameters, such as: ignition point
9, the specific conditions of the finished product generated by it, including density, granularity, particles, etc.
10. Analysis of the moisture content of materials entering and exiting

11. Finally, we must also pay attention to the drying system, drying equipment, and some ancillary equipment of the dryer.

Second, the daily maintenance of the appearance of the dryer:
Usually a person’s first impression is definitely his appearance, and the same is true for a dryer. First of all, regardless of its internality, first of all its appearance must be first seen by everyone. If the appearance is bad, then I If you think of this, you should have greatly discounted the impression. How do we usually maintain the appearance of the dryer? How to maintain the dryer's appearance is mainly divided into the following steps:
1. First, wipe some oil, dust, etc. from the surface of the dry towel regularly.
2. Secondly, remove the dust and oil on the ground where the freeze dryer, air compressor, etc. are installed.
3. In addition, keep the environment around the dryer clean.
What are the factors that affect the drying opportunity and its dew point?
Dew point of drying is mainly influenced by some factors. The most important factor is the relationship between temperature and humidity. What are the specific factors?
1, the system is missing;
2, the dryer intake air flow is relatively large;
3, when its intake air temperature is high;
4. The amount of added refrigerant in the work process is not enough;
5. The last and most important ambient temperature around the dryer is too high, and its condensation effect also deteriorates. In fact, it is still more important to determine the actual situation.
For the dryer itself, it is a large-scale manufacturing, so loading and unloading are generally convenient. It has a large amount of processing. Secondly, the operating cost of the dryer is very low. The reason is that it uses more efficient drying, which saves energy. And it does not have secondary pollution, dryers do not need to exhaust emissions.

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