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What are the positive implications of using injection molding robots?

With the development of science and technology, manipulators have also been applied more and more. In the machinery industry, casting, welding, riveting, punching, pressing, heat treatment, mechanical processing, assembly, inspection, painting, electroplating and other types of work have application realities. Other departments, such as light industry, construction industry, defense industry, etc. are also applied.
    In the machinery industry, the significance of applying robots can be summarized as follows:
    First, to improve the degree of automation in the production process
    The use of robots facilitates the degree of automation of material transfer, workpiece loading and unloading, tool replacement, machine assembly, and the like, which can increase labor productivity and reduce production costs.
    Second, to improve working conditions and avoid personal accidents
    It is dangerous or impossible to operate directly with human hands in high temperature, high pressure, low temperature, low pressure, dust, noise, odor, radioactive or other toxic pollution, and narrow working space. Some or all of them replace people safely to complete the work, so that the working conditions can be improved.
    In some simple, repetitive, and particularly cumbersome operations, manipulating robots instead of humans can avoid personal accidents due to fatigue or negligence in operation.
    Third, it can reduce manpower and facilitate rhythmic production
    The use of robots instead of people to work, which is a side of the direct reduction in manpower, while the application of robots can continue to work, which is another aspect of reducing manpower. Therefore, in the automatic processing line of automatic machine tools, there are almost no robots at present, in order to reduce manpower and more accurately control the beat of production, and facilitate the production of rhythm.
    In summary, the effective application of robots is an inevitable trend for the development of the machinery industry.
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