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Injection robot knowledge description

An injection robot is an automated production equipment that can imitate part of the human body's upper limbs, and can automatically control it to deliver products or manipulate tools in accordance with predetermined requirements for production operations. The injection molding robot is a machine specially equipped for the automation of injection molding production. It can reduce heavy physical labor, improve working conditions and safe production; increase the production efficiency of injection molding machines, stabilize product quality, reduce scrap rate, reduce production costs, and strengthen enterprises. The competitiveness and other aspects play an important role.
    The composition of an injection robot is generally composed of an execution system, a drive system, a control system, and the like. Execution and drive system is mainly designed to complete the normal function of the arm, and the operation of the mechanical components is driven by pneumatic or hydraulic power to achieve the functions of taking objects.
    Two types of injection robots:
    a. Basic injection molding robots. This type of robot generally includes a fixed mode program and a teaching mode program according to the production process requirements. The fixed-mode program covers several standard processes currently used for injection molding, using industrial controllers to perform simple, regular, and repetitive actions. The teaching mode program is specially applied to the injection molding machine with special production process, and aims to achieve successful acquisition by orderly and safe arrangement of basic actions.
    b. Intelligent injection robots. This type of robot generally includes functions such as multi-point memory placement, random standby, and more degrees of freedom. Generally, the servo drive is used to perform maximum complex human-like operations, and can also pass through. Equipped with advanced sensors for visual, tactile and thermal sensation, making it a highly intelligent injection robot
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