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Follow the following five points to choose the right plastic crusher

To select the size of a suitable plastic crusher, you need to do the following five things:
     1. According to the size of the crushed product, the general outlet, defective products can enter the crushing room can be, if it is a thick product or plastic head, it is best to use a large or two-horsepower model, crush it easier.
     2. Look at the size of the crushing chamber. The size of the shredded defective product or nozzle must not be larger than the crushing chamber size.
     3. Output requirements. The output of the plastic crusher varies according to the type of machine. If you are a customer who needs a lot of crushing, the product can be selected according to the output of the crusher under the premise that the product can enter the crusher. Ordinary plastic The output can be found in the specification table. When crushed mineral water bottles, plastic bags, and film products, the output is only about 1/3 of the minimum value on the specification sheet.
     4. Look at the content is not easy to pollute, the general standard crusher is not iron, if you can not use stainless steel instead of pollution.
     5. See if there is any fiber added, if you need to use a little more fiber to increase the wear strength will increase.
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