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What are the factors that affect the efficiency of plastic crusher?

There are many factors that affect the crushing efficiency of plastic crushers. There are mechanical reasons as well as raw materials. The following article will introduce the factors that affect the efficiency of the plastic crusher:
     1. The hardness of the plastic is different;
     2. The size of the plastic material is not the same;
     3. The opening area of the screen;
     4. Screen size;
     5. How to use;
     6. The power of the motor;
     7. Raw water;
     8. The proportion of plastics;
     9. The thickness and shape of plastics;
     10. The friction rate of the screen surface.
     The speed of the plastic crusher generally depends on two aspects: the speed of the motor itself, the diameter of the crusher rotor. Generally, the motor speed of the comminution motor is low, and the rotation rotation diameter is small
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