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Crystal Dryer Solution

In the production of plastics, most of the raw materials have strong hygroscopicity. In order to ensure the molding quality of the raw materials, dehumidification and drying are needed. The crystal dryer has low energy consumption, large processing capacity, simple operation, low drying cost, and crystal drying. The advantages such as quick effect are widely used in the plastics industry.

Crystal Dryer Application Features:

1. Easy control and strong applicability: The drying process can be best achieved by adjusting the thickness of the material layer, the spindle speed, the number of cymbals, and the size of the pod type. Each drying tray can be individually fed into hot or cold media.

2. Heat or cool the material: if the solar energy, laser beam, electron beam, infrared light, flame, gas, etc., are directly irradiated on the surface of the mold, the residence time of the material can be precisely adjusted by heating through its own thermal field.

3, the material flow to a single, no back mixing phenomenon: such as through the internal pipeline of the mold of oil, water, steam, electric heating elements and other heat transfer to the mold surface; the second is the main heating heat radiation, quality and stability.

4, do not need to mix: the mold surface heating method is the key technology of the temperature control system, stop the feeding, the transfer of material scale 耙 leaves can quickly empty the dryer material, can be very careful cleaning of the device And observation.

5, dust emissions meet the requirements, atmospheric pressure type: due to the low airflow rate in the device, dust is difficult to float to the top of the device, so the exhaust gas exhausted at the top of the exhaust outlet of the exhaust gas contains little dust.
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