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PET Crystal Dryer Solution

PET is a widely used engineering plastics and has strong hygroscopicity. If the moisture content is too high, hydrolysis will occur under high temperature processing, which will cause the breakage of PET molecular chains and thermal decomposition to produce acetaldehyde. The physical properties and mechanical properties will be reduced. Quality of products. Therefore, it is necessary to use a PET crystallizer dryer to dehumidify and dry PET raw materials, and control the moisture content within the normal range to ensure good product molding quality.

The advantages of PET Crystal Dryer:

1. Simplify and improve the drying efficiency of the dehumidifying dryer and speed up the production;
2, the process temperature can be accurately controlled by the temperature controller;
3, increase the proportion of recycled materials in the new PET material, to avoid waste;
4, constant speed stirring design so that the crystal is not crystallized in the plastic processing temperature does not account for the formation of a block, high and uniform crystal efficiency;
5, raw materials can be dried at high temperatures, and the drying process can directly use the existing standard drying drums to reduce equipment costs;
6. Double overheat protection device to reduce accidents caused by human or machine failure;
7, optional vacuum hopper, suction machine, magnetic base, suction box for transport, convenient and quick.
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