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How to choose pneumatic conveying system?

The choice of pneumatic conveying system needs to consider the following issues:

1. Process adaptability: The properties of different materials are different from the production process. It is necessary to select the appropriate model and conveying method for the process requirements.

2. Operational convenience: The application of pneumatic conveying system is to speed up production efficiency and reduce labor intensity. Therefore, the operation should be simple, convenient and controllable;

3, equipment performance: pneumatic conveying equipment should be stable and reliable operation, matching parts of the high quality and performance, the resulting noise is relatively low, easy maintenance, easy to maintain;

4. Appearance structure: The pneumatic transportation equipment has a reasonable installation layout, beautiful and concise appearance, easy to clean, dust-free and improve corporate image;

5, equipment safety: should have safety protection devices, especially electrical appliances and other parts of the country must meet the national security standards;

6. Production capacity: According to the company's production capacity requirements, a reasonable material transportation solution shall be formulated to meet the production capacity requirements;

7, supply manufacturers strength. The selection of suppliers with rich experience in production and installation can give good cooperation in the installation, commissioning and technical training of the equipment, and can provide perfect after-sales services. The spare parts supply is sufficient, and the price is favorable and reasonable.

On how to choose the pneumatic conveying system, I believe we have already understood. The choice of pneumatic conveying system should be considered in consideration of various issues, meet the production requirements of the enterprise, and choose the right ones, so as to maximize the advantages of the pneumatic conveying system and improve the production efficiency of the enterprise.
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