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Which one would you choose for better dehumidifying, rotation or molecular?


Which one would you choose for better dehumidifying, rotation or molecular?

Dehumidifier, according to it’s functions and applications, can be divided into rotary dehumidifier and molecular sieve dehumidifier, So which one will you choose?  

Recently, a report from the local communitysaid that the dew-point temperature of molecular service dehumidifier is about -32℃,  which will be -20℃ after using for one yearand -10℃ half and one years laterso service life is just two yearswhilerotary dehumidifierin the advantage of dew-point temperature which is -40℃and even -50℃ with enhanced configurationhis service life can reach 8 years or more

    Rotary dehumidifier take preference if it’s within your budget.

Otherwise , you may be troubled to replace dehumidifier frequently.

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